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Pictures from the Masters Broadcasts in 2001.

seconds before the show begins.

Cindy hosting

Cindy Bailen hosting.

Cindy and George

Technology Advocate George Brichacek and Host Cindy Bailen.

Sean Condon presenting

Product Manager Sean Condon presenting his segment on "Configuring for Hgh Availability"

Sean Condon and Jon Raslawski

Technology Advocate Jon Raslawski and Sean Condon doing a follow up.

Technical Advocate Cheryl Carroll

Technology Advocate Cheryl Carroll presenting a segment on Lotus iNotes.

George Brichacek

Technology Advocate George Brichacek presenting.

Q and A

The question and answer session at the close of the program.


Cheryl waits for her turn.

David and George trying to find a problem.

The Green room team inputs questions into the database: Ross, Abe, Erin, Randy, Sophie and Cheryl

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