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Some behind the scenes shots from the production of "Georges House", Summer 1975.

George, Dan, Sally, David George, Dan, Sally and David sitting on the bench where "Dance on the Bench" was shot. It was definitely hot up there that summer.

Dan and Sally on the bench posing for a publicity photo. Dan and Sally on the bench

David at well David at the house's well imitating Dan for the sequence that begins Dan's solo dance. This was the source of water for George's house.

Sally checking the bread dough to see if it has risen. She made fresh bread for dancers and crew every morning. Sally checking the dough

David and Sally The serenity of George's house with no electricity, radios or TV made it so natural to keep a guitar around all the time. (The actual dancing was done to taped music).

Sound engineer Nat Johnson waits patiently for me to break the Nagra tape recorder. David and Nat with Nagra

The cast in the front door The dancers: Faith Pettit, Ann Asnes, Leslie Woodies, Sue Hendrickson, Judith Moss, Sally Hess, Regan Frey. (photo Nat Johnson)

Faith and Regan praticing for the dance in the windows. (photo Nat Johnson) Faith and Regan in windows

Sally at the table Sally at the table in the dining room just after we shot the piece where she sets the table. (photo Nat Johnson)

Sue at the very end of the credit piece. Probably shot just before we stopped tape. (photo Nat Johnson) Sue in door

Nat, Frank and David Nat Johnson, Frank Lane (camera) and David setting up for the credit shot.

Nancy Mason, Associate Producer, holds up what looks like a shooting schedule. In the foreground is camerman Frank Lane. In the background lighting director the late John L. Sullivan Nancy and David

Nancy, David, and Nat Nat Johnson, David and Nancy probably watching a playback of one of the takes.

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